Favors that are FUN!

Having wedding favors will never go completely out of style. So here are a couple fun ideas for your guests to enjoy!


Jars of…

It’s a general truth that if they can’t eat if or use it, don’t do it! With that, guests love little jars of… well, anything! You can do jars of honey, olive oil with a favorite recipe attached, or candies. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit!


Something they can assemble.

All of you guests will have different things they love. You will never go wrong having a station where they can assemble their own favor. Whether you want to provide candy, different flavors of pop corn, trail mix, or beef jerky, your guests will always love it!


Plant it!

Photo by Gina Dreher Photography

Photo by Gina Dreher Photography

Think green! Tiny plans are a great, environment conscious gift for your guests. And at a bonus, they give some added decor to your guests tables!


Use it NOW!

Not all favors have to be taken home to be used! We have had our couples provide sunglasses for the ceremony, flip flops for the dance, and pashminas on a chilly day.


Remember, at the end of the day, if they can't eat it or use it, don't do it! ;)