How not to have a boring wedding!


Many weddings follow a specific flow of events. Arrive at ceremony, sit through ceremony, stand at cocktail hour, sit at reception, go through buffet, dance, catch the bouquet…

Well, here are a couple of ideas that will leave your guests saying “Now that was a great party!”

  • Have a photo booth


Some Brides feel the Photo Booth is over done, but the fact is, guests like them! To add a new twist, hire an interactive Photo Booth like Tap Snap! Guests can edit their images on the large touch screen, change the backdrops, and upload them right to their favorite social media site!

  • have live music

Live music brings a vibrant party atmosphere! Most bands can cover your favorite hits and also bring DJ equipment, ensuring you have all of your favorite songs even if they are not on their play list! 

  • Snack Snack Snack

Whether you do a late night buffet, a station for s’more making, or schedule a night food truck to arrive hour and a half after dinner, having interesting food choices throughout the entire event is a fast growing trend. You know what they say, the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach!

  • Favors that are fun

The age of providing the traditional box of custom M&M’s is over! Instead, make your favors interactive. They can be custom sunglasses for a sunny ceremony, or glow sticks and flip flops for the dance. It’s a general rule that if they can’t eat it or use it, don’t do it! But if they can use it while at your party, it’s bound to be a hit!

  • Throw tradition out the window… At least a little

Find some ways to break out of the traditional mold. It could be a dress that isn't white, or a location that is not your traditional venue. We have a couple who has a very laid back group of guests who are not the dancing type. They don’t really want to stare at an empty dance floor, so we are opting to have a small acoustic band playing while guests are mingling on lounge furniture and enjoying yard games during their outdoor event. This coffee house feel is nothing like the traditional reception and it is PERFECT for our Bride and Groom and their friends!

  • Stations: Doesn’t matter what they are

We have had Coffee stations, Salad bar stations, Bourbon tasting stations, cigar rolling stations, and cotton candy stations. Really, if you can think it, make it a station! Your guests will love having multiple things to enjoy during your reception!

  • Lounge around

You will always have a group of distant family members or friends who want to sit and catch up. Give them a fun space to do that away from the music and noise. It also gives you a fun space to introduce great design elements!

Check out our next blog for more great favor ideas!