You survived the Bridal Expo! Now What?

This past weekend was one of the biggest and best bridal Expo’s we have been a part of! Nearly 2,000 brides (along with their moms or best friends) were in attendance and visited with over 260 wedding professionals in a mere matter of hours. If you were one of those brides planning a 2015 wedding, you probably went home with 28 pounds of brochures, fliers, and business cards!

Here are a few tips to help you figure out what to do with all of those marketing materials that are probably all over your room or kitchen table!


1. Organize! Organize! Organize!

Start by dividing your brochures by category. When you have them arranged in individual piles (e.i. DJ’s, Florists, Caterers, etc.), go through each pile and order them from most impressive to least impressive. If you can’t remember the conversation you had with that company, don’t write them off, just make a point to look into them by visiting their website later.


2. Start with your priorities!

Look at the vendors you are still needing to book for your wedding and start with the most important. This will vary from bride to bride, but if your highest priority is beautiful photos, look at your photography options first! Work through your collections one at a time, reviewing each company and narrowing down the best contenders!


3. Do you research!

As you spoke with each vendor, you may have been impressed with their marketing materials and their elevator pitch, but lets be real… You need to know that when the rubber meets the road, the wedding professionals you hire are going to deliver! Take a minute to look up the vendors whom you are considering. Read through their content on their website, find their page on Facebook, but most importantly, find a review or two and see what past brides have thought of their service. Most companies are reviewed on sites like or  This will take some work and a lot of time at a computer, but this is the biggest day of your life. It will be well worth it!


4. Think outside the bag!

If you still just haven’t found that gem you are looking for, keep in mind that not every wedding professional participates in the Bridal Shows. In fact, there are many vendors who are AMAZING that weren’t there. If you have any questions of who some of these vendors are, feel free to contact us and we will let you in on some of Wichita’s best kept secrets! ;)


5. Make some appointments and be prepared to write some checks!

Once you have a list of vendors who are your top picks, start making some phone calls and book some consultation appointments with them. Though to you, your September or October wedding is months away, you need to get your vendors nailed down as soon as possible! Many vendors book a year to a year and a half out, so start being proactive and book your vendors now!