The Wedding - Unplugged!

Image by Sublett Studios

Image by Sublett Studios

When It comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect! You are excited to see your months of planning and design work come to life and lets be honest... so are your guests. So with that excitement, comes the desire to document it.

I have seen this happen so many time. The bridal party has had their entrance, the church doors are closed so that the bride can get into position. There is a grand, musical crescendo, the doors re-open and as the bride begins her walk down the aisle to meet her groom, out pops the iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, digital cameras, disposable cameras, the "I think I'm a Pro" cameras, and every other "Lets post this to Instagram with my awesome filter!" devise out there!!!

In the process, the photographer misses the perfect image of the bride with her father because an iPad is in the way and the videographer now has all of these arms flying up or into the aisle in every one of his shots. Not to mention that any photos the photographer is able to get, have now been completely washed out by Aunt Susie's camera flash!

As much as I love the details and the design aspects of planning a wedding, it is so important to me that my brides understand the importance of their wedding day Photo and Video! These are the only tangible items you will have to remember your wedding day by. Not only is it crucial to choose a quality photographer or videographer, it is important to think of the elements that they will be shooting in. One of many ways to assist your photographer in ensuring that you have awesome images is to have an UNPLUGGED wedding!!

There are several polite ways to inform your guests that your event if officially "Unplugged"

In Your Invitation

To give your friends and family some advance notice, consider putting an additional card in your invitation. If you are having a formal event with an Attire Card, you can place that information on it as well.

Let Your Ushers and Guestbook Attendants Help!

These people are the first to come in contact with your guests. Let them assist in informing those in attendance that you have asked that no photos be taken.

Signs and Programs

Whether it is part of your wedding program, or a sign posted at your guestbook table, you can always let your guests in on your desires for your wedding day. It can be formal or funny, but always keep it polite!


Here are just a couple of wording options for you to consider!

The constant need to "Selfie" this and "Update" that is distracting! Encouraging your guests to enjoy the moment and put the distraction away. It's for their own benefit... Really!! 

Not every bride has the same feelings about having their wedding "unplugged", but as a wedding professional, I see the need for it every weekend. Your photographer will adore you, your videographer will love you, and your guests will have so much more fun without even realizing it!


Keep the wedding fun and lively... and "UNPLUGG IT!"

Check back in of Monday for "How Not NOT Have a Boring Wedding!" ;)